Vibration Dampening Mounts


Anti Vibration Isolation Mounts


Vibration Dampening Mounts are compact, low profile, and extremely rugged suitable for vibration and shock applications in the most severe environments. The combination of metal and rubber construction makes them suitable for a wide range of uses. Equipment may be mounted in any orientation while achieving equal shock and vibration performance. Anti Vibration Isolator Mounts are ideal for applications on military vehicles, aircraft, aerospace and electronics racking systems.

  • Load capacity per mount 60lbs
  • 0.01″ Deflection
  • Durometer 68A
  • Zinc Plated Steel Cover
  • 1/4-20 Thread Size
  • Product ID: 4HARISOMOUNT
  • Product Wt: 0.5 lbs. Each
  • Sold Individually

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 2.4 × 2.4 × 1.15 in