Star Case 22″x 16″x 6″ O.D. (WxDxH)


Soft foam pieces of Various Sizes for Packaging , Free! Use in place of expensive bubble wrap or packing peanuts to fill empty space between items. The size of the case(s) purchased will determine the quantity of foam pieces that will be included.

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This Star Case 22X16X6″ (O.D) has black polypropylene outer surface which gives it a matte black outer shell.

In great condition. The lid is filled with foam but can be taken out. The bottom portion we did take out the foam due to it having customized cut outs. Before shipment we can line with foam, carpet or select the free foam option and you can customize yourself. Has two latches that can be locked with provided key for that extra protection of valuables. Easy to carry and light.

Product O.D. : 22 9/16″x 16 9/16″x 6″ (WxDxH)

Product I.D. : 21 14/16″x 15 13/16″x 4 12/16″ (Bottom Shell)

21 14/16″x 15 13/16″x 1 12/16″ (Lid)

Weight: 11.4 lbs

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 19 × 8 in