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Star Case Manufacturing Company has been the leader in the expanding industry of reusable electronics & fragile device packaging and support since its inception in 1975. We’re located in Northwest Indiana, just 45 minutes south east of Chicago.

STAR CASE employs highly skilled design engineers covering the United States and numerous international markets consummating sales, measuring for custom case requirements, and communicating client needs directly to STAR CASE. Our design/engineering staff members have extensive experience in the area of custom case design, testing and packaging. We have experience with numerous container types and styles and afford our clientele a thorough and in-depth knowledge of their packaging requirements. STAR CASE provides a custom container that is both modular in concept and designed on an individual basis for the dunnage intended for transport.

Primary materials are fiberglass, ACX grade plywood or high density polyethylene, aluminum, steel, and interior foam materials. It is STAR CASE’S primary concern to provide our customers with the very best design, construction and type of case needed to protect thier valuble equpiment. Not only does STAR CASE manufacturer custom cases and racks, they also provide a full repair, refurbishing and re-purposing service of STAR CASES as well as cases manufactured by other case companies. Free repair estimates can be provided by simply sending photos and a breif explaination via email to star@starcase.com

STAR CASE manufactures containers which are fully compliant with all applicable ATA (Air Transport Association of America) Specification 300, Category 1 parameters. Random containers have recently undergone and successfully passed all ASTM procedures called out in this specification in addition to those environmental test methods outlined in MIL-STD. 810 and the DFPA (Defense Fire Protection Association) testing for fire retardency. Conformance on STAR CASE’S part to these specifications and standards, coupled with military compliance to Quality Control and Assurance techniques, we believe, make Star Case Manufacturing Company a thoroughly capable candidate to handle any packaging and containerization challenge.

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